Alisher Shonazarov

Alisher is the most recent addition to our team, having just moved to St. John’s from Ukraine. He has been tattooing for 5 years, and loves to work in colour realism and cover-ups.


Emilio Elson (Piercer)

Emilio has been piercing for over a year, and is known for his perfectionism and symmetry. He primarily works at our St John’s location, but travels to Goose Bay whenever possible.


Bill Hiscock

Bill has been tattooing since 2007. He specializes in black and grey realism, but does enjoy colour from time to time. Outside of work Bill is an avid painter with a love of figurative and mythological subject matter.


Michael Kerfont

Michael has been tattooing for 6 years, a well-rounded artist preferring to work in neo-traditional and Japanese styles when possible. Michael is our full time Goose Bay artist!


Kyle Reid

Kyle has been tattooing for one year, preferring to work in Traditional style.


Brett Jackson

Brett is only in his first year of tattooing, but developing his own style quickly. With a preference for bold and traditional styles, he hopes to specialise in custom lettering.


Kris Thornhill

Kris only started tattooing in 2022, but has been an artist much longer. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017, focusing primarily in painting. Her favourite style of tattooing is etching, with a particular love of horror and surrealism.


Amelia Rice

Amelia has been tattooing for two and a half years, with a preference for black and grey realism and illustrative, specialising in fineline tattooing. Amelia is also a collector of oddities, which shows in a lot of her flash designs.


Vicki Stapleton

Vicki has been a tattoo artist for 18 years, and has been called the Cover-Up Queen for her ability to cover just about anything. Her preference, however, is for bold and colourful anime and neo-traditional tattoos.

All guest artist inquiries can be made through our booking form or directly through an artists social media